Character Council

Welcome to Our Character Council Page

Character Council consists of a group of students that present character education lessons to the student body.  They help promote our character education TRAINING words through weekly lessons during students' Dragon Time class.  

Character Council
Our 2018-2019 Character Council Members

Class Facilitator:  Mrs. Kerri Lawson

8th Graders:
Nadia Bowling
Breana Boyer
Taylor Branch
Monica Broombaugh
Brayden Brown
Sophia Cummings
Patrick Downs
Kaitlyn Erxleben
Drew Hardin
Isaiah Haynes
Emma Kemp
Blaine Leonard
Madisynn Liller
Katlyn Massey
Audrey Murphy
True Rowland
Miah Schaefferkoetter
Addyson Stichling

7th Graders:
Jessica Brewer
Blake Christian
Adriana Doria
Aarolyn Evans
Trevor Hardin
Summer Harrison
Isabella Henderson
Connor Kisner
Cole McClinton
Jada Pinson
Hannah Theiss
Morgan Wyatt

Character Education
TRAINING Word of the Month

September- Tenacity
October- Respect
November- Accountability
December- Industriousness
January- Neighborliness
February- Integrity
March- Nobility
April/May- Grace